Ripped-Off By Misleading Ads?

Few things are more frustrating than not receiving the value of the product or service you purchased. Many people attempt to resolve the dispute, but that too is frustrating. The Virginia Consumer Protection Act of 1977 (VCPA) provides regulations governing sales practices for those selling products, goods and services for family, household or personal use and they are designed to protect consumers.

You have a right to not to be misled and to receive the product or service you purchased, whether you bought equipment, products — including pets in some cases — supplies or services. When you are unable to work it out, you have a right to sue in court for damages.

At Hyatt Browning Shirkey Law Firm, PLC​, we can help you to pursue fair compensation. We have helped the western district of Virginia with experienced consumer legal representation since 2010. We have the knowledge you need to protect your consumer rights.

Understanding Virginia’s Consumer Protection Act

Under the VCPA, it is unlawful for businesses and individuals to:

  • Misrepresent the source, certification, sponsorship or approval by another of goods or services
  • Fraudulently associate or affiliate their product with another
  • Provide incorrect information about their product’s geographic origin, ingredients, uses, benefits or characteristics
  • Misrepresent the quantity, quality, style, model or grade of a product or service
  • Omit labeling for used, secondhand, defective, reconditioned, altered, modified or irregular goods
  • Advertise products or services with the wrong prices or terms of sale
  • Use incorrect invoices or bills
  • Fail to provide clear information conspicuously posted about return of goods for credit, exchange or a refund

The regulations broadly include any other misrepresentation, fraud, false pretense or promise, and deception relating to a consumer transaction.

Don’t Delay!

If you are unable to resolve your conflict with a supplier of goods or services, you must file your claim within two years of the disputed incident. You can file a claim to recover your actual damages, or up to $500, whichever is greater to cover your losses.

If the violation is found to be willful, the court may increase damages up to $1,000. In addition to damages, you may be awarded court costs and attorney fees.

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