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Virginia DUI Defense Lawyer Hyatt Shirkey Is Here For You

Last updated on July 6, 2023

First-time offenders who are pulled over for driving under the influence can face the suspension of their license for up to a one-year period. You could also face jail time, fines and the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Speaking with an experienced Virginia DUI defense lawyer immediately is critical after a DUI arrest to retain your license and mitigate other penalties.

Experienced Defense When You Face Harsh Penalties

Whether you are facing charges for DUI, drugs or reckless driving, criminal charges are not something to face alone. Almost all criminal cases benefit from the involvement of an attorney, who will fight for and protect your rights. We will:

  • Listen to your case
  • Investigate the facts and available evidence
  • Anticipate the potential strategy of the prosecution
  • Inform you of all available options
  • Determine an appropriate defense strategy
  • Advocate for reduced penalties or, in some cases, a dismissal of charges

A DUI on your driving record can have rippling effects. Your insurance rate will go up, certain employment options will be closed off to you and it will hamper your ability to qualify for housing. We can guide you throughout the process to minimize the impact on your criminal record.

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